It has been a while. Nothing major to speak about, and yet I am speaking. Work keeps me happy, and happy doesn’t produce creativity from me. I am sorta ok with that. I am taking a few days off and when I return I would like to say I’ll make something. Force myself thru it. I won’t. Because FFXV. 

I haven’t been into a final fantasy game this much since VIII. While I have played a few since that one (and hundreds of hours spent on a few of those), the battle system is simple yet challenging. But most of all, fun. I haven’t finished the story yet because I want to get a lot of the hunts done before I finish. And discover as much as I can. Not the biggest. But it feels very big. And it is damned beautiful. 

FFVIII will probably be my favorite of all time, XI will have most hours spent playing ( farming for the snipers ring ><). XV will be most time spent looking in the background while driving and just enjoying the view. 



New job. And it’s damned great working there. Once again, I feel like the dumb one, and I have no complaints with that. It will push me harder to learn more of what I love. Also, there is no corporate bullshit to deal with. My boss is truly passionate about his store and that is uplifting.

Haven’t been too creative for a little while. I have gotten sucked into No Man’s Sky. It is such a laid back game. The exploration of Minecraft with the feel of Destiny. It does have flaws, but that is what patches are for.